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AntiSpy Pro 1.02
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AntiSpy Pro 1.02
Protect yourself with Antispy Pro

Look what our customers are saying...

"... It's fast. The first time I used it, it took less than 45 seconds and freed up 60 MB of space. I was surprised how much "garbage" was on my hard drive. ...It's easy to use and very safe.
D. Landers, UK"

"...thanks, guys! this program appeared to be even better then I was expected! ...Program does all that it claims and even more."
Mark Harold

"Thank you for making a program that a person of my limited computer knowledge can use and understand... makes this something that anyone surfing the net should use.
James, USA"

"I use AntiSpy Pro because I need privacy... this program allows me the security, when I erase something, it's GONE. Program never has crashed and I have never had any problems with it.

"That has to be the best online support. I felt the real support, you answered my e-mail immediately ...Excellent product and support. I'll look forward to your new products and releases.
Dan Robinson"

"I downloaded and installed AntiSpy Pro today. My machine is noticeably faster and now has an additional 50+ meg of hard disk space available. Please keep up the good work!!
B. O'Brien"

"I wish I had this software last year, I had a few problems with my Boss snooping around my system. ... Now AntiSpy Pro makes me feel safer: when i want something to stay private it will.
Smith, UK"

"The best feature is cleaning up the deleted e-mails & browser traces that I never knew existed. And the possibility manage files with the exclude lists.
J. Lewis"

"Now I can rid my computer of the information saved about my personal habbits that i never gave anyone permission to save about me in the first place. That makes me feel good.
N. Scott, AU"

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