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AntiSpy Pro 1.02
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AntiSpy Pro 1.02

Protect yourself with Antispy Pro

Anti Spy Pro - delete history, index.dat, remove cookies, erase tracks

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  • AntiSpy Pro deletes the history of your activities on PC. Use this anti spy software to remove cookies, clear index.dat, eliminate history, erase tracks.
  • AntiSpy Pro erase tracks of your work in Internet Explorer (IE), Netscape Navigator, Mozilla and Opera browsers, Start Menu, Windows and Common Controls, etc.
  • AntiSpy Pro performs clearing of your PC, deletes the information about the Web-sites you have visited, the documents you have opened, the messages you have sent and the applications you have used.
  • AntiSpy Pro will protect your privacy and save you time. 
:: Features Overview ::

We dedicated to providing you reasonably priced high quality software. So our main landmark while working on AntiSpy Pro is speed, simplicity and comfort for user. Each AntiSpy Pro feature oriented on user benefit.

Your benefits

Main AntiSpy Pro features

Protection & safety
  • Erase online and offline tracks. Screenshots
  • Bleach data for total privacy protection. Screenshots
  • Flexibility
  • Exclude lists supported to give more control over your files
  • Powerfull PluginsFactory program. Screenshots
  • Time
  • Delete all unnecessary information, only in one click
  • Cleaning your drives to improve your system performance
  • Free space on your hard drive
  • Comfort
  • Suitable programm settings
  • Complete cleaning log
  • Profit
  • AntiSpy Pro possesses all necessary features, which you will not found in other similar software. Look at the compare features table

  • What else AntiSpy Pro can do for you?

    Our team continues to improve AntiSpy, make it more suitable and useful. We offer 24 hour technical support of our software. All registered users get free technical support! Click here to compare our software to our competition and look for the new features in our new release.

    Anti Spy Pro erase tracksFREE 10-days trial!

    Protect yourself with Antispy Pro.
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    Anti Spy Pro erase tracks
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